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get to know the women's cooperatives, family-run sewing workshops, and artisans who bring our garments to life

📍‘Samou Village, al Khalil region

weavers’ cooperative

In a small and historically rich village beyond al Khalil, just before a’Naqab region of southern Palestine, are a hand-full of women keeping the traditional craft of hand-weaving alive. Bedouin weaving is a centuries-old art form handmade by women and traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. 

Having learned from their mothers Bedouin hand-weaving is a matrilineally preserved craft. The process a multi-step, labor-intensive one that starts with the shearing of the wool in late spring, followed by the washing and spinning of the wool into yarn using a wooden drop-spindle. The yarn was then rolled into a ball and soaked in natural dye for coloring. After drying, the colored yarn was coiled intobramah,double-strand is set on a ground loom, in a complex process that requires two to three women to count and cast numerous strands of warps, the lengthwise thread, according to the design.

The work is carried out collectively by family members and neighbors who pair up and rotate. It is done in a beautiful communal atmosphere where women work, talk, and laugh.

In between taking care of their families, resting, and being in community with other women in their village, it takes about 10 days to weave just one had-woven bag, a slow labor of love.

📍 Naqoura village, Nablus Region


In a small village on the outskirts of Nablus city lies Naqoura village. Resting on a hilltop, the village looks onto both a military outpost and the hills of Palestine. Women embroider in their homes in-between caring for their families.

Palestinian tatreez (cross-stitch embroidery) is a centuries-old art form handmade by women in Palestine and traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. We work with embroiderers in Naqoura village, Deir Jreer village, and Ramallah.