Nöl collective

an intersectional feminist & political fashion collective out of palestine

Beginning as a community-based initiative to bring people together over shared struggles, we have grown into a collective dedicated to illuminating the extremely human nature of fashion and politics. Nöl Collective is far more than just a fashion brand: We work at the intersection of feminism, Palestinian culture, ethical fashion, and social justice.

At Nöl, we manufacture our apparel and accessories with small family-run businesses and women’s cooperatives across the West Bank and Gaza, supporting local production, talent, and craftsmanship.
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political fashion & radical transparency

we believe that fashion is intricately connected to the political, social, & economic frameworks which shape our lives, particularly the lives of those who make our clothes.

direct partnerships with local women's cooperatives

nöl partners directly with local women's cooperatives which collectively decide wages and hours. we respect their pricing and don't renegotiate.

a collective creative network

The political reality for Palestinians is shaped by the military occupation which touches and shapes every element of our lives, including creativity. Isolated from one another geographically most of the artisans we are working with have never met, working together digitally to bring the garments and designs to life.

We are passionate helping to illuminate an intersectional political and feminist framework which shapes our particular creative process. The production process is designed to help revive the local textile industry, supporting local artisans, focusing on women, and build a network of creatives typically isolated from one another. These garments represent to us the transcendence of the creative process and of the collective over physically imposed borders, signifying an act of defiance in and of itself.
local artisanship

made in Palestine

showcasing slow, ethical Palestinian fashion brands.
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