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Palestinian gift guide

shop locally and hand-made gifts

gifts that tell a story

shop naturally-dyed, hand-embroidered, or hand-woven pieces that are made slowly and thoughtfully by artisans and producers all over Palestine.

the beauty of producing in such small quanitites is that these beautiful pieces are owned by so few people thorughout the world

tatreez: a touch of heritage

Give the hand-made gift of heritage. Tatreez (cross-stitch embroidery) is a centuries-old art form handmade by women in Palestine and traditionally passed down from mother to daughter.

locally made gifts

working with family-owned businessses, women's cooperatives, and artisan workshops all over Palestine from al-Khalil and Bethlehem to Ramallah and Gaza.

fabric is locally sourced, hand-woven and naturally dyed by hand. garments are cut, sewn, and embroidered here in Palestine. from start to finish, these pieces carry the story of an intricate network of creatives across Palestine.