made in palestine

Spring ‘23

hand-dyed, hand-embroidered, hand-woven

Made in palestine

Spring ‘23

Spring ‘23 is dedicated to healing—both individual and collective healing, often intertwined and inextricable. The artisanshp of this collection, including the crafts of weaving, embroidery, and natural dyeing, demand both the hands and the community. These crafts took on a meditative spirit as our hands embroidered motifs and pulled fabric through natural dye baths until the earths colors took hold. Our hands placed sewing patterns, poured coffees, set the sewing table with breakfasts, and pinched grand babies’ cheeks. As a result, the heart motif is recurring in a few variations. 

This collection features bright pops of color like fuschia and lime green. Many of the fabrics are locally woven such as cotton from al Khalil and Majdalawi cotton from Gaza. Expanding out of Palestine, some pieces are made with traditional syrian fabric. While we have been working with natural dyeing since last spring, this collection is the first to feature naturally dyed silks. Finally, and as always, pieces are hand-embroidered with traditional Palestinian tatreez.

handmade in Palestine

naturally dyed

naturally dyed by hand in our studio here in Ramallah