fall drop

an ode to pomegranates

an ode to the Palestinian connection to the land

just in time for pomegranate season

handmade. the fall drop is an ode to the techniques and crafts of our ancestors--and to the inherent Palestinian connection to the land.

garments were cut and sewn in a family-run sewing workshop in Askar refugee camp on the outskirts of Nablus. Originally from al Lydd, this trio of brothers run a sewing workshop with their sons and wives. Many meals, coffees, and stories were shared on over the sewing work tops in the months it took to bring these garments to life, a true family endeavor.

playing with natural dyeing, we continued working with a craft which was once an inseperable part of Palestinian creativity and textile heritage but has now been pushed to the edge of extinction. for the fall collection, we used combinations of plants and insects to create deep mauves and smoky greens to keep weaving this story.

the collection also features traditional hand embroidery, tatreez, in partnership with a local women's cooperative. made up of over 60 women from Gaza to al Khalil, the Touch of Heritage cooperative is a creative and political powerhouse.

the hope is that this collection reads like a visual manuscript narrating the collective labor of love behind a garment and the triumph of creativity and heritage in the face of struggle.